Friday, November 6, 2009

Random Musicians on Youtube - 5 stars!

They have eaten up months of my life in 3 minute spells of awesome. These randoms sit in their bedrooms or bathrooms and play music for the masses to rate and share with their friends. And with that in mind, here i will share with you some of those YouTubers who, in my humble opinion, rock.


This guy, apparently called Matt, is one of the first people i noticed in my YouTube musician search, mainly because he did covers of a lot of the songs that i like. Probably one of the only musicians i've heard who could cover Coldplay and Micheal Jackson equally well.

TheBathroomGirl (real name Cherry Lee)

I first discovered this girl through OrtoPilot's channel, as they do some amazing covers together but there's one original song of hers that is pretty good too and worth listening when you have 3 minutes of your life to spare (although if you only have 3 minutes left of your life maybe consider other activities.) Still, great song. Catchy.


This modestly titled YouTubian first caught my ear with a brilliant cover of Coldplay's Life in Technicolour II. But after some searching i found what could possibly be the best Oasis cover i've ever heard.

Sign these musicians up, stat. I'm off to watch Jonas Brothers 3D for the 3rd time.