Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Responding To Formspring Questions Is Still Cool, Right?

As you know, I have been curiously absent from blogging life for the last little while. Don't worry, I haven't been off gaining real life friends or anything. I've just been getting harassed to do work by people who assure me that's what adults are supposed to do. I still don't believe them. Anyway, submitted for the approval of the midnight society, (surely it wasn't just me who watched Are You Afraid of the Dark?) I bring you random Formspring questions from the past few months, along with my answers (because otherwise this would be very pointless. Well, more so.)

Has a rumour ever been spread about you? (Anon)

There have been many. That said, the best one was probably when I was living in the UK and someone started a rumour that me and this popular girl were going out. Granted, the rumour was probably started as some sort of evil-maniacal plot by one of her "besties" but for those three days in March when I was 15, I was king of the world. Then came the day when someone asked her and she didn't even dignify the question with a response. Well, I suppose hysterical laughter is a response. Sweet girl.

Do you have a place where you like to go, just to get away, or head to after a long day? (Asked by SunGiants)

Hmm. Not especially. I mean unless you count the pub? Most of my days are spent at home working and then in the evening hanging out with friends (at the pub). Maybe I should start going to other places, but then who would hang out with my friends at the pub? It's a double-edged sword really.

Oy vey when are you going to meet a nice girl and give me some grandchildren? (Anon)

Well, that's a good question, especially considering you're likely not one of my parents who would probably think Formspring is some sort of miracle mattress. I've met plenty of nice girls in my time. None of whom wish to split the cost of children with me, nor consider the other horrid biological matters that would likely preface such an event taking place. That said, thanks for the question... weird Formspring parent.

Let me think of something deep... why did you start blogging, and what has it meant to you to be a blogger

I started blogging because real life friends, Sarah and Allison (Sarahbration and My Quarter Life Crisis) had asked that I do so, and given my inordinate amount of free-time during that stage of my life, I complied with their request. Perhaps it was merely an attempt to ensnare one more follower for their blogs, but their commitment to getting me to do this blog cannot be overlooked. It's been an interesting experience so far, being a blogger. The events in my life that would usually be left unnoticed have now been commented on and enjoyed by others. I really appreciate some of the kind comments I've received and since starting this blog I have begun getting writing work as a direct consequence of others reading my rambling stories about my cat and assorted drunken adventures. It's a strange world.

What was you favorite musical group/singer when you were in junior high or high school?

Like all teenage guys living in England, I was obsessed with Oasis. I wish I could say I've moved on to more cultured musicians in the intervening years but I still listen to their music now. It's hard to say why. Stereophonics were also a big favourite then. At the moment, I'm listening to a lot of Ray Lamontagne and other "Talented Guy with Guitar and Beard, That'll do." type music. See Damien Rice and others.

Ok well that about wraps up this edition of "questions that were asked 7 months ago on Formspring but Rob's replying now in lieu of actually writing a blog post". Tune in, in 7 months time when I'll probably have come up with a more creative title. Savvy?