Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Quadrennial Pub-Hopping Vacation

"Some people believe football is a matter of life and death. But I assure you, It's far more important than that."

-Bill Shankly

As you may or may not know, tomorrow marks the beginning of the quadrennial most important month on planet Earth. Groups of 11 men from 32 nations around the globe will be fighting for the right to call themselves Masters of the Soccer Universe, while billions of others, such as myself, watch on television. To onlookers, this ritual is slightly strange. To those on the inside, it is equally as important as over-celebrated life staples such as food, water and Justin Bieber. It is because of this event that I will be blogging less in the next month.
Now, I understand you may be concerned for my well-being during my welcome absence from your life, so I have concocted a plan : I have created a Twitter account, from which I will be regularly updating people and assorted computer proficient animals on the various banalities of my existence, as is Twitter's purpose. Follow the link for 140 characters per serving scoops of my drunken existence (plus random World Cup news.)


Heather Howell said...

Yay for social networking. Ha.

Kinsey said...


Allison said...

Boo to Twitter Rob. Boo I say.

But - Yay for World Cup. Is there a good game on Tuesday? I want to go to the Queens - or even the Poacher (they have an English flag out front now - seems promising).

Let's do this thing World - I'm ready. :)

Angel said...

As i type this I'm watching the first few minutes of the opening game, as I'm sure you're doing wherever you are. Go Mexico! Tomorrow I will be joining some friends at a bar nice and early to watch the US VS England game. This really is the most beautiful game... :)

Anonymous said...

Did you just call footie "soccer"? Tut tut.

Seriously though, YAY WORLD CUP!
I'm only upset that it clashes with Wimby. But oh well, I'll work around it and somehow watch them both!

Rob said...

Heather : Yay!

Kinsey : Was that a good "Twitter!" or bad? I read it as "Newman!" in Seinfeld style.

Allison: It's the best way to keep people informed while I'm at the pub or you know, hanging out at home.

Angel: The first game was brilliant. Mexico were unlucky, I though. They could have scored 4 of 5 goals.

Epitaph: I did. I don't call it "soccer" in person. But unfortunately when writing for a North American audience, it can get confusing. Ah yes, Wimbledon's on too. But come on, Wimbledon happens every year doesn't it?

Sarah said...

You would have fit right in at the pub where Sparta and I watched the England/USA match.

Everyone was all Englishy and totally bonkers about the whole thing. It was adorable.

Also, my word verification is swetart. A disturbing take on the classic candy or a gross Luminato installation? Who can say?