Sunday, April 25, 2010

On Being Routinely Random

I have noticed a trend to my posting. As I don’t have a Wednesday Whine or Friday Fish Post (patent pending), I employ a random posting method to my blogging.

At least, I thought it was random.

I thought I was just posting whenever inspiration struck (inspiration is interchangeable with a ceaseless masochistic urge based on whether you're the writer or the reader) but after a quick glance over the previous few weeks of posting, it seems the majority of my scribblings are published either on a Tuesday or Thursday. It's a significant comment about my life that even my randomness is entirely predictable.

It's the blogging version of the Minority Report. Somewhere tucked away on Blogger is a tiny dwarf dressed as Tom Cruise  (it could even be the little entertainer himself in there, he's been quiet recently) seeing my every action before I complete it. But instead of precogs like in the movie, there's just a balding guy in overalls, holding his newspaper, who glances above the folded page of his creased sports section only long enough to say "Eh, Tom, it's Tuesday/Thursday, must be time for another blog post from that guy."

I'm selling the movie rights as we speak.

My only routine event is that of the weekly quiz night at the local pub. Every Monday night from the hours of 8.30pm to 9.30pm EST, myself and a few friends compete with about 7 other groups, of varying ages for the one of the fabled Grand Prizes (usually a t-shirt).

Of course, trivia in all its forms is inherently biased against younger people and so my debates with the quizmasters on whether indeed it was Fleetwood Mac the band or Stevie Nicks alone who released a certain song, are rarely decided in my favour and wouldn't be even if Stevie Nicks was on my quiz team. (My friends now randomly blurt out "Quite frankly, I don’t believe Fleetwood Mac ever existed, " mimicking the manner of the quizmaster on that fateful day.)

The very thought of me missing quiz night brings shrieks of displeasure from my friends, who protest that they will greatly miss my inglorious attempts at solving the simplest of mathematic questions on the quiz - "Rob, what are you doing? We've already solved that question. The equals sign means we got the answer."

It is in fact rare, despite the lack of success, that I miss the event which has sadly taken pride of place in my otherwise empty social calendar.

Although I've been making a concerted effort to be completely unpredictable, it seems that I have failed admirably but miserably. As with my Monday nights, my blogging has been curiously plagued by the regular schedule fairy. See you on Tuesday, for my next random post. Unless I wait till Thursday. Rebel..


TbR said...

Was the song The Edge of Seventeen? I've got it on my I-Pod twice, once with Stevie Nicks as the artist, and once with Fleetwood Mac - and it bothers me.

I feel that your quiz night knowledge could put an end to this problem once and for all.

*Although I realise that, being connected to the internet, I could stop being lazy and consult the fount of knowledge that is Google myself...*

good girl gone grad said...

Props for the Minority report analogy. I'd go with the dwarf version of Tom Cruise. You don't want the real one in there spreading all of his crazy around.

Allison said...

I wish I didn't work monday nights :( I miss quiz night. I won once with your bro - we won a size XL t-shirt.

But you should come to karaoke again after quiz night.

Amandasaurus said...

Honestly it's sometimes nice for readers to know they can expect something at a certain time. This one guy whose blog I like always used to post pictures on Mondays. I miss that. I looked forward to it. How one creates demand with a blog is a MYSTERY to me. I guess the key is not to fight Tom Cruise.

Hope you'll stop by my blog,!
~ Miss Rex

Allison said...

Do what you want with this, but here: