Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Future of Music Videos?

The word genius is over-used. This is especially true in my house since I changed my middle name to genius after I successfully hooked up my own wireless. But this is GENIUS. If you like Arcade Fire and feel like witnessing the future of music videos  -

Try to resist the temptation to type in any major waterways, oceans and the like. It doesn't work. I was looking forward to seeing our protagonist splashing around in his runners. All the best ideas are ruined by small flaws.


Allison said...

And this is why Arcade Fire is one of the best contemporary Canadian bands to date.

Rob said...

Completely agree, Al. They're always innovating and I love this idea. Also, I have to see them live so I'm hoping they rock Toronto again soon.

Sarah said...

Remember that time when my boyfriend was in a band with one of the guys from the arcadefire?

I will take ten cool points by association, please.

Rob said...

Sarah :

Minus 7 cool points for pointing that out. But yes, Sparta is hella cool. What instrument did he play?

Amy said...

I LOVE this!!!!! My brother sent this to me the other day with a note "uh... I don't think we actually ran around like this when we were kid, but let's pretend. And it's cool." Thanks for sharing it (again!) because I lost the link - whoops :-x