Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Guest Posting - Check

I have added another skill set to my blogging resume (to go along with posting almost weekly and making a solid effort to destroy the English language) - Guest Posting!

About a week ago, I was asked by my friend and fellow blogger, Allison, for my opinion on Canadian music. In the spirit of the Olympics, I accepted the challenge. Hopefully this won't be another in the litany of defeats for British athletes on Canadian soil recently. (Well, I'm kind of like an athlete. I wear lycra when I blog.)

For the resulting play list and my humble English opinion on the Canadian music scene, head over to her blog now! Or, you know, when you have the time. No pressure.

All death threats from Celine Dione fans will be forwarded to the appropriate sorting department. Sadly though, i am no longer accepting glitter-based death threats.

Anyway, yes, Allison's blog - check it out and let me know how i did.


Sarah said...

hahaha. I choose to believe that you also wear a helmet whilst blogging.

Rob said...

Sarah : That's right. I wear a helmet and lycra uniform with my number on the front. It's quite amazing the amount of preparation that goes in to each one of my blog posts. I just wish everyone at our local library shared your support for my athletic pusuits. Snobs, the lot of them.

Allison said...

Rob, you'll never rock lycra the way my BF Jon Montgomery does.

Anonymous said...

in addition to wearing lyrca during any and all blog posts, i also have people with teeny tiny little brooms sweeping the areas around the keys before i hit them in order to make sure my fingers only land in the exact middle. it's a little more time consuming, but i like to think it gives me the competitive edge i'm looking for in all aspects of my life.

Allison said...

Rob, I just realized that there's a mistake in your list. a song you listed doesn't exist.

Probably the result of poorly labelled songs.

Rob said...


That's actually an excellent idea! We should start some sort of blogging olympic games team.

Allison :

A song I've listened to doesn't exist? Wow. I always knew I was crazy, i just never knew I had the talent to create songs in my mind, too. Impressive. Which one is the odd one out?

Allison said...

I fixed it - Wake Up instead of Funeral, as Funeral is the album by Arcade Fire.

buffalodick said...

At my age, I just remember Gordon Lightfoot...:)

Anonymous said...

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