Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Thoughts On... (Part 1)

Somewhat foolishly, i invited a fellow blogger to provide me with a subject for my latest blog entry. Now, what i received was not so much a subject, as a combination of unrelated words. But i like to follow through on such matters and so here we go. I've decided to write separate posts on each word. This could take a while. Feel free to grab some dinner, live your life, have children, retire and then come back to me for your golden years.

Here are the subjects provided to me : Grass. Snow.Water.Batman. Romance.

Hmm, here goes..

Without it, we would all die. Sure that might sound extreme. But Batman is very important to me, OK? Whereas most winged creatures spend their time squawking and desperately begging for food from their human overlords, this hybrid is a lifesaver and he does it all while wearing tights. I've never worn tights before. But can safely say that if i did, it would diminish my life-saving abilities considerably. Although if you do ever see me running around in tights and a cape, get out of my way yeah? I have lives to save. Or I've become clinically insane. Maybe that's where the phrase "batshit insane" comes from? Perhaps friends of Batman created it. "Did you hear about Martin?" "Oh God, yeah, he's gone batshit insane. I saw him running through a field in tights and a cape, screaming about some guy called the Joker."

If i had to choose to be any superhero though, it would be Batman. His powers don't come from technology, like Iron Man. He isn't from a distant planet, like Superman and he isn't overly concerned with hiding his true sexuality, Spiderman...

Batman uses his drive for vengeance as his superpower and that's a lesson for kids everywhere. You don't need special powers or technology. Just put on a cape and some tights and go kick some ass. Or help people, whatever. Thwack!

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