Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Charlie Brooker - Your New Favourite Writer

Charlie Brooker is brilliant -

On talent shows: "A bit like watching a show in which children line up to be punched in the face by Santa Claus. Absolutely riveting for all the wrong reasons."

— Charlie Brooker

His postings on The Guardian's Comment is Free site are an inspired collection of hilarious musings on almost any topic imaginable. A week ago, he did an existentialist article on the subject of time. I think I've read and re-read it about 15 times now. The first paragraph alone is one of the best of any article i've ever read. (Ok, i've only ever read 3 articles before. And two of those were on the subject of Family Guy vs South Park)


Hopefully you enjoy it as much as i did. See me for any English to North American translation.

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