Monday, March 8, 2010

International Women's Day

While we should be celebrating the women in our life on a daily basis for having to put up with us; today is the day marked out in the calendar as International Women's Day and so I would like to mention a woman who has inspired me - my Grandmother.

I remember the day clearly: my Dad and I walked through town on a rainy, dark Saturday afternoon and arrived late at the charity shop where my Grandmother worked well into her seventies. My Mum had asked that we go there to help her put away these giant boxes filled with clothes. We arrived just in time to see my Grandmother pulling the last of these giant boxes across the carpet towards the backroom to go with the other 10 boxes she had previously moved. "You look cold, boys. Let me make you some tea, " she said, as she emerged from the stock room and grabbed towels for both of us to put on our rain-soaked bodies.

During our final conversation together she asked me to take care of my Mother and Sister. With her as their role model, it will undoubtedly be the other way around.

Happy International Women's Day to all.


Sincere Lee said...

Very sweet ;) Grandmother's are the absolute best!

Anonymous said...

can i tell you how hard i laughed when i FINALLY got the 'nice shoes' comment in your header? what's that you say? i should have kept it to myself? yep, you're probably right. HILARIOUS!

Dorkys Ramos said...

So sweet! My grandparents lived in another country and I always wish I had a close relationship with them. I admire people with cool stories about how their grandparents spoiled them to pieces and shared secret recipes with their grandkids.

Shoot, mine had so many I don't think they ever knew my real name.

Allison said...

Rob was this in Wales or Manchester?

Anonymous said...

I'm giving you the Happy 101 Award! Congratulations!!

RC x

Sincere Lee said...

You've been awarded the Happy 101 Award (again)!

Rob said...

Sincere Lee : Totally right! Mine always had the best stories and could teach you more in an hour than i would learn in a year at school. Thanks for award!

Egosyntonic : Haha, you only just got that now? Impressive! I admire your honesty though.

Dorky Ramos : Sorry to hear that, I always regretted not spending more time with my Granparents too.

Allison : This was my Mum's mother, when we were back in Manchester.

Rebel Cinderella : Thanks for the award! I'llreally have to get working on my acceptance speech.

Two awards in one day! - I feel like the opposite of James Cameron.

Dyinetch said...

This is a sweet post! I'm very jealous. My grandmother is always angry. LOL

Oh, I'm giving you an award. So now, you got 3 awards!

Sarah said...

I love you for acknowledging International Women's Day, Robert.

star said...

very sweet post! my grandmother passed away last year, and she was the best! i miss her. by the way, i answered your comment on my blog!