Thursday, March 25, 2010

"You Are Disturbing Me. I Am Picking Mushrooms."

I just read a story about a reclusive genius in Russia. He solved a century-old math problem and was thus awarded a $1million prize from a fancy mathematics institute in the States for his efforts. He lives with his mother and sister in a small apartment in St. Petersburg, Russia. However, he refused to accept the award. His reasons for the refusal are unclear at this point. I choose to believe that he just doesn't care about money.

While the story itself is almost certainly destined to be turned into another one of those "Beautiful Mind" type movies, this quote from the man himself pretty much made my day:

"You are disturbing me. I am picking mushrooms," he told a journalist who managed to get in touch with him."

He's just a smart man who wants to be left alone to pick mushrooms.

You can read the full article here :


Allison said...

I think this is a common problem. The problem with being the best at something is that you might also obtain unwanted fame.

He probably doesn't want his life to change. If he's happier picking mushrooms in Russia, good for him.

Kinsey said...

He should take the money and send it to me ;)

But no, I understand how someone just wants to be left alone. No news, no media, no money, no nothing. Poor guy.

good girl gone grad said...

i read that exact story and thought the same thing. cheers to hilariously eccentric geniuses. and to picking mushrooms!

kisekae said...

thats fantastic! I say, pick on!

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha I read this article too! I laughed. Some people are just to smart for the rest of us to understand.

thanks for stopping by my blog and reading my BNL article, by the way!